Knowing the best knives that fits my preferences

Knives are very personal things so it is very important to test a range of best knives to own before making a choice. Some people may prefer durability while others opt for the weight and the balance, so the test is important to figure out which ones fit your personal preferences. However cheaper knife sets may provide value for money and could suit people who are just starting out. But, generally speaking, knives used by professionals tend to be more expensive because of the higher quality. It is also important to remember that there are many boutique brands offered by specialists in addition to the well-known and established brands.

Shun is a manufacturer based in America, which specializes in Japanese style knives, which tend to be lighter and sharper than their competitors. Having said this, they also have a tendency to lose their edge more quickly than the competition. They are sharpened at an angle of 16 compared to an angle of 22 for many other knives and this handle makes for better sharpness. They are also made from a special steel called VG10, which allows for the retention of sharper edges for a longer period. This is blended with another type of steel, allowing for the introduction of an attractive pattern on the blade.

I believe that the name comes from the season in Japan when fruits are at their ripest and best and Shun is the moment at which the fruits are at their freshest and readiness and achieve a state of perfection. These qualities are embodied in the knives produced under that brand. Every knife is created with high quality craftsmanship and I have found that each one is an excellent all-purpose knife for vegetables, meat, and so on. I also noticed that the design of the edge makes it extremely convenient for transferring cut food from the cutting board to a cooking pan. They are definitely a kitchen must- have.

Best Chef Knife Sets

Kitchen experts recommend that you should have at least 4 types of knives in your kitchen. These include a paring knife/vegetable knife, chef knives, multipurpose knife and a bread knife. These four are the most used in the kitchen. However, you can also add a filleting, boning, santoku and calving knife to your collection. When choosing a set of kitchen knife, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort during use and durability. The comfort of using a knife is mostly affected by its weight. A light knife is good if you want to achieve precision and speed. However, a heavy knife can be better for solid foods such as nuts. It therefore depends on the use of the knife.

Below are a few kitchen knife set reviews.

1. Victorinox knife block

This set is made by the manufacturers of Swiss Army Knife. They are well known for making very high quality knives. The award winning kitchen knife set contains 6 high quality knives that have stainless steel blades. This entails a sausage and tomato knife, pizza and teak knife, a handy peeler and three paring knives. All the knives are color coded thus you can easily distinguish them. If you are a fan of lightweight knives this is the right set for you.

2. Robert Welch Signature kitchen Knife Set

This set has a range of 6 high quality knives. This award winning kitchen knife set contains knives that are designed with a lot of attention to detail. This is well portrayed by their tactile handles. Its contains a carving, cook’s knife, bread knife, vegetable and serrated knife. It also comes with a ceramic wheel sharpener plus magnetic locators that aid in drawing knife towards the block. This ensures protection of the edge from damage when you are inserting the knife or pulling it out.

3. Anolon Nouvelle kitchen Knife Block

These are manufactured from German steel. They include a chef knife, paring knife, bread knife, utility knife and slicer. They are all put in a classy wooden knife block. The knives have weighted caps thus making them well balanced and easy to use. Their rounded handles also make them easy to hold.

Many people are fooled by nice and shiny looking object. Especially knives. I remember buying my first colourful set of knives, thinking they would look great on my kitchen counter. That was my biggest mistake. The knives that I bought lasted only for five months before getting so dull that it couldn’t even slice through carrots. However, this torture only lasted till I found out about the Mercer Culinary german knives.

A Sleek Look to German Knives

This time around I actually tested out the knives before trying and they were razor sharp. I’ve been using them for over two years now and they’re still sharp. I occasionally sharpen them at a local knife sharpening company to keep them in great condition. The knives doesn’t feel too heavy or lightweight at all. I think the full bolster it has makes it a well-balanced knife. (More: Know your knives)

The handles are very comfortable to grip on. I have survived peeling a sack of potatoes with their paring knife without feeling much wrist tension. Not to mention, I also get many compliments about the tempered glass block which is very is to clean and fix back. I am very happy to have found this set and I hope you give it a try.

The Capsule Wardrobe

Last year, I found out that having less clothing in your wardrobe is actually a good thing and there is actually a trend for it. It is called having a Capsule Wardrobe. A Capsule Wardrobe is where you only keep clothing pieces that you mostly wear and use. Get rid of the rest of your clothing. This includes handbags, accessories, shoes and even jackets.

There are many blogs and interesting Pintrest photos that can guide you into creating a Capsule Wardrobe. I was actually encouraged to try this out because I usually buy unnecessary dresses and shirts which usually get thrown in my closet. Some even had price tags on it. I was extremely glad to donate my clothes to charity and have an organised closet. I hope you try this out too!